New SSR Rating designed to address an important problem

Space Sustainability Rating, Voyager Space

As the world continues to put more satellties in orbit, space sustainability is becoming an increasingly serious issue. For this reason, Voyager Space supports efforts by the World Economic Forum to help design efforts to address this. Released today, is more information about the Space Sustainability Rating. Voyager is honored to be a singatory and early supporter of this important initiative along with leading companies such as Airbus, SpaceX, Planet, Lockheed Martin and Astroscale. More information on the SSR can be found here.

Legendary Podcast with world famous Kayaker, Forrest Noble.

Legendary Podcast hosted by Dylan Taylor

About the Legendary Podcast

Legendary follows stories of perseverance and glory in athletics and adventure, the podcast that speaks with top athletes across all disciplines, to discuss their journeys to Legendary status in their sports. Each episode tells the incredible stories about how the world’s greatest athletes reached the top of their sport, with a particular focus on the hurdles they faced in getting there. Be sure to follow-us for the latest updates and notifications on future guests.

1000 SpaceTech Leaders: SpaceTech Top-100 is part of 1000 SpaceTech Leaders Interactive IT-Platform, which aims to serve as the largest and most comprehensive interactive database of SpaceTech Industry professionals developed to date. The platform profiles 1000 public and private-sector professionals working to grow the SpaceTech landscape through their efforts in…

Dylan Taylor, Legendary Investor

As we enter 2021, Space investment has never been hotter. Be it private companies raising capital, or public companies newly minted via the SPAC (special purpose acquisition companies) machine, the sector continues to grow both its investor base, as well as the wallet share of those investors. All segments of…

Dylan Taylor

Dylan Taylor is a global business leader and philanthropist. He is an active pioneer in the space exploration industry

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