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We welcomed both Frank White and Rick Tumlinson back to the show for this one segment 78 minute discussion on the philosophy of space via their new website project, During the program, Dylan Taylor, the lead founder of the project, both called in on the toll free line and sent us many supporting emails. Please note that The Space Show apologizes for the audio difficulty that unfolded during this program. At times there was poor audio quality due to heavy breathing into the phone, background phone noise, and poor cell phone reception.

We started the discussion with Frank and Rick talking about the big picture issue of why we go to space, develop it, want to expand humanity outward to new worlds and the idea that we are currently lacking but need a set of core principles as we push humanity outward from Earth. As you will hear from all three founders, they believe this core set of principles is essential so the project has been designed as a participatory project for people to join the discussion of how best to develop the core principles and responsibly move off Earth outward for the betterment of humanity and our future. The actual website address for is Please follow along with us as our guests told us how to navigate the new site, explained the process for joining the discussion and how to comment on contributions made by those entering the discussion. In addition to the website contact forms that our guests explained to us, Dylan sent in a note saying that people could contact him directly with their questions and proposed submission via

Our guests answered many listener email questions about why the need for the philosophy of space and a set of core principles. Each of the three founders offered their perspective on why we must expand outward and why we need both the space philosophy and the core set of principles. We would like your comments on this discussion so please post them to our blog. That said, please do your best to make your blog posts relevant to our discussion. If you want to have a separate discussion, please do it off line so the blog is not hijacked for what amounts to be a private discussion not relevant to our program content. When this happens, others shy away from commenting on the blog and the content of our discussion. The listeners and I appreciate your consideration in this matter.

One of the questions asked the founders by Linda in Seattle was about negative perspectives for human spaceflight or space development being welcome as posts in the space philosophy discussion. Our guests each commented on this so listen to what they each had to say about it, then let us know what you think about this issue. In her email, Linda said she was asking this question because there were many negative or anti-Musk Falcon Heavy articles on the web and in publications re his FH launch and the Tesla payload.

Later in the program, Jacqueline asked what the NASA philosophy of space development was. Don’t miss what was said in response to her question but in summary, since NASA is government, their philosophy is more or less dictated by Congress, policy, law, etc. The same was true for other national space organizations such as ESA. Such organizations are not free to develop an independent space philosophy though many working within these organizations do have a personal space philosophy and are welcome to participate in the project.

Rick and Frank talked a lot about the need for inspiration. This led to discussions about educational outreach, students, and related topics. Both talked about how space has been sold to we the people and suggested doing things differently going forward. Don’t miss this part of the discussion.

Toward the end of our discussion the subject of culture came up. We talked about changing cultures and the type of culture supportive of developing the core principles for moving outward from Eart. Examples were provided, including that of Star Trek. It was even suggested that the core principles of Star Trek that were honored by the Starfleet crews were most likely a big part of the success of the program all these years. One thing our guests suggested was that as the space philosophy emerges, it will be like putting into words that which has no words. Both our guests concluded by saying we should spread the word and participate in the 2211.word project in helping to create a space philosophy and the core set of principles that will take humanity outward.

Please post your comments/questions for our guests on our blog. You can reach all three of the founders through me or the website.

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Dylan Taylor is a global business leader and philanthropist. He is an active pioneer in the space exploration industry

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Dylan Taylor

Dylan Taylor is a global business leader and philanthropist. He is an active pioneer in the space exploration industry